Bird Balls

Bird Balls® for bird control for ponds

Bird Balls

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Product description

Bird Balls® from EURO-MATIC are a simple yet perfect solution for camouflaging open water areas to keep birds away. They are quick and easy to install. Whether it is open water ponds, open mines, airports and rainwater collection ponds, our Bird Balls® are suitable here.

Birds attracted to open water ponds endanger themselves and humans. A floating layer of Bird Balls ™ successfully camouflages the liquid and birds do not recognize the ponds.
Bird Balls® are already in use at London Heathrow, Klagenfurt, Liege and Brussels airports.


Operating principle

Bird Balls® have a 10-year warranty. They are UV-stabilized black hollow plastic balls with a diameter of 100 mm made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Floating on the water, the balls arrange themselves in a closed formation and cover approximately 91% of the complete surface. No matter if the water surface to be covered rises or falls, the surface remains covered. This covering of the surface reduces the growth of algae in the water body.

Usually air-filled Bird Ball are used. These have stability of wind speeds up to 80 km/h.
Water-filled Bird Balls are recommended where the covering balls are exposed to higher wind speeds. These balls are then about half filled with water and have a total weight of 240 grams and have a stability of wind speeds up to 147 km / h.



  • easy to install
  • maintenance-free
  • adjusts easily to changing water levels and keeps a closed formation
  • adapts to floating objects or ventilators
  • reduced growth of algae by fewer light irradiation
  • impedes freezing
  • no impact from snow
  • reduced evaporation



ball diameter: 100mm
material: HDPE, black, UV stabilised
cover: 116 pieces / m²
weight: 40 grams, (240 grams half-filled with water)
lifespan: >10 years under normal conditions
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