Purivox table radio transmitter


Purivox table radio transmitter

article number: 2019051707444889


The Purivox tabletop radio remote control is a specially developed remote control to control the Purivox TA-RC, Purivox DA-RC, Purivox VA-RC and Purivox CA-RC devices.

The tabletop radio remote control is operated via a keypad, which can be used to enter the two-digit device number and activate the Purivox gas cannons. The Purivox table-top radio remote control also makes it possible to address a group directly via the four special keys (A,B,C,D).
The power supply is provided by a power supply unit which is plugged into the back of the table radio transmitter. The antenna cable is also plugged in on the rear side. This can have a maximum length of up to approx. 25 meters.

The device has an optical and an acute feedback during the input of the device number. While the number is being typed in, the LED of the handheld transmitter lights up and a sound is heard.

The range of the roof antenna is 4-8km, under optimal conditions a range of 8km can be reached with direct visual contact.