Purivox Airport Bird Control Devices Benefits

Purivox’s airport gas cannons are the most reliable and effective remote controlled gas cannons on the market.
A combination of advantages make Purivox airport bird control devices the most reliable systems available.
In particular, each system’s ease of use makes it fit perfectly into daily bird control work.
Find below a list of the benefits of Purivox’s remotely operated airport gas cannons.


Purivox airport bird control devices are made especially for use and operation at airports/airfields. These systems fit perfectly into the daily routines of the bird control unit. Because the runway and airfield must be cleared of birds as quickly as possible, we’ve made our systems quick and easy to operate.


Each unit features multiple settings which afford the user a great variety of options for airfield bird control. This variety is necessary for effective bird control; the cannons are adjustable in several features, including number of shots, groupings,, volume level, etc.


All Purivox airport bird control gas cannons are fully radio remote controlled, with a range of up to 8 km (5 mi)., This gives airfield staff the ability to control the devices from almost anywhere at the airport, from both on and off the airfield. The control of each unit is managed with a two digit code, operation of the gas cannon only takes a few seconds from the input of the number.


Purivox is focused above all on providing safe and secure devices for use on the airfield. Because the unit is operated remotely, the operator must always check the surrounding of the unit for any danger before operating it. The entire system is secured against any unauthorized use and can be completely shut down with a supplied key. All important parts are secured inside of the stainless steel casing.


We at Purivox want to give our customers reliable and long-lasting devices. We do so with the use of high quality parts and materials. The casing of each unit is made out of stainless steel to be completely weather-proof. The remaining parts such as the solar panel, wires, and radio controller are all made to the highest standards.

Custom modification

We would like to give our customers the best bird control gas cannons possible. To this end, we can customize our products to meet the needs of particular customers and situations. These modifications include bigger solar panels, stronger batteries, connection to a power supply, and a variety of blast tube materials.


The cost of use for a Purivox gas cannon is significantly lower than the cost of supplying ammunition to a traditional bird control pistol. The normal cost for a single pistol shell is around 2€ per shot. This means that the yearly costs for using a flare gun, even at only 5 shots daily, amount to almost 3600€ per year. Compare that to the Purivox gas cannon system: a single propane gas cylinder (11kg), bought for ca. 50€, lasts for around 20,000 shots!

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