Purivox Bird Control Gas Cannons Function

The Purivox Airport bird control devices, are radio remote controlled propane gas cannons. The devices are active tools for the bird control and bird strike prevention on airports.

The Purivox Airport bird control devices are operated with a radio remote controller. The radio remote controller Purivox TX-H3 is operated by the Bird Control Unit / Wildlife personal or when the tower personal is involved in the bird control, the personal in the tower has a stationary radio remote controller (Purivox DESK).
If birds apear at areas on the airfield where they could cause a hazard to the planes, the bird control team can clear this area by simply use the Purivox Airport bird control device which is closest to the birds.

The actual bird control is made by a loud shot-combination. This will start immediately after the bird control team has given the clearance using the radio remote controller within a range of up to 8km* around the Purivox Airport bird control device. The needed propane gas will be provided from a propane gas cylinder which is safely installed inside of the Purivox Airport bird control device.

For different areas and situation we have a range of 4 different Purivox Airport bird control devices to always use the best possible device for a successful bird control:

Purivox TA-RC System - Bird control Purivox DA-RC System - Bird control Purivox VA-RC System - Bird control
Purivox TA-RC System Purivox DA-RC System Purivox VA-RC System

Each Purivox Airport bird control device will only be operated with the radio remote controller to make sure to only use the device when it is needed to get the best possible scaring effect.

Important bird control rule: Shoot less and not more. Less shooting means higher scaring effect and therefore better and successful bird control!

Always wear hearing protection if standing in a close distance to a Purivox Airport bird control device!
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*Depends on the local conditions and the used radio frequency