Purivox TX-H3 radio remote controller

Radio remote controller for operating the Purivox Airport bird control devices


Purivox TX-H3 radio remote controller

article number: 111315 / RC1180


For explanation and operation principle from the Purivox radio remote controlled gas cannons, click here

The Purivox TX-H3 is a special designed and made remote controller to control the radio remote controlled Purivox airport bird control devices.

The Purivox TX-H3 is operated with a keypad. Over the keypad the number of the unit will be pressed to control the unit. The Purivox TX-H3 is powered by 4x Micro AAA 1.5V batteries. The batteries are stored on the backside of the remote controller.

The Purivox TX-H3 has an optical and acoustic feedback during the use of the remote controller. During pressing the two numbers of the unit, a beep sound will be heard and a red light will turn on.

Benefits of the Purivox radio remote controlled gas cannons for bird control

The range of the Purivox TX-H3 is 8km in a line of sight (5miles). Buildings and other obstacles in the direct line between the unit and the remote controller will reduce the range. 

Technical details:
Radio frequency: 868 MHz
Power supply: 4x Micro AAA 1.5 Volt
Dimensions: 8cm x 21cm x 5cm (W x H x L)