Sonic Bird Scarer For Airports and Airfields

Buy sonic bird scarers for airports and airfields now online at Purivox! You benefit from the experience base which we have accumulated since 1950. We show you how to systematically scare off birds with natural bird sounds. Bird scarer noises that works!

BirdGard Super Pro AMP

Bird distress call device

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Purivox BirdGard BOX

Radio remote controlled bird distress call device for bird control at airports

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Purivox BirdGard ERRB

By adding the Purivox BG-ERRB to your existing or brand new BirdGard AMP / Bird-X Mega Blaster or any other BirdGard model you will get that benefit of having the possibility for activate them vimanually when needed via the Purivox TX-H3 handheld remote controller.

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