Purivox BirdGard ERRB

Purivox BirdGard - External Radio Receiver Box

Purivox BirdGard ERRB

article number: 2024011708142081


Radio operation for every BirdGard / Bird-X bird distress call system

When it comes to bird control, it is crucial to avoid the birds getting used to the bird repellent methods. So, it is necessary to only do as much as needed while not doing too much!

To ensure that we believe that a situation-based bird repellent by the bird control team at the airport is the most effective way in doing that!

By adding the Purivox BG-ERRB to your existing or brand new BirdGard AMP / Bird-X Mega Blaster or any other BirdGard model you will get that benefit of having the possibility for activate them vimanually when needed via the Purivox TX-H3 handheld remote controller.

BirdGard is offering a very good solution regarding bird control with bird distress calls. Adding the Purivox BirdGard ERRB to your BG units + the Purivox gas cannons + the Purivox TX-H3 this all will give a huge effect in your daily bird control work!

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate with the Purivox TX-H3 or Purivox DESK
  • Works with every BirdGard/Bird-X System
  • High radio operation range of up to 8km in a line of sight
    (depending on the used radio frequency)
  • Group activation possible. Play the sounds at the same time a Purivox gas cannons is activated.