Purivox BirdGard BOX

Purivox BirdGard BOX

article number: Purivox BirdGard BOX


Product description

The Purivox BirdGard Box is a very powerful bird repellent device that works using the fear and warning calls of the different bird species, and is therefore ideally suited for bird repelling on an airfield. It has 4x IP66 pressure chamber loudspeakers which are mounted on the lid of the device and can be rotated freely. This provides 360° coverage around the unit.

The operation of the Purivox BirdGard Box is done in the vicinity of the runway exclusively by manual radio operation. This situational operation counteracts habituation of the birds from the beginning. The unit is also triggered with the Purivox TX-H3 handheld radio transmitter or the stationary Purivox DESK desktop radio transmitter. The same transmitter units that operate the Purivox radio remote controlled gas cannons. So you have two differnt repellent methods/devices that can be operated with the same radio remote controller.

Operating principle

The Purivox BirdGard Box plays the distress calls through the speakers shortly after radio activation. This sounds to the other birds as if the danger is very presend and they avoid that area very quickly. This danger effect can also be maintained for a long time by manual operation. It applies to activate always only the equipment if it is also really necessary!

Thanks to the individual setting options of volume, number of speakers, group activation, exchange of the bird call chip card, timer for the general operating times, the device can be adapted to the exact needs on site.


  • Large area coverage
  • 360° coverage
  • Individually adjustable
  • Volume infinitely variable
  • Different bird species due to exchangeable sound chips
  • Usable with the same remote as the Purivox gas cannons