Purivox CA-RC System

Radio Remote Controlled Gas Cannon For Bird Control On Airports


Purivox CA-RC System

article number: 111310


For an explanation of the functional principle of the Purivox airport bird control devices please click here.

The Purivox CA-RC system is a radio-controlled gas cannon / gas gun for bird control of airports.

Purivox CA-RC System stands for Purivox Carousel Airport - Radio Controlled System. The Purivox CA-RC system is a gas cannon specially developed for airportst which covers larger areas on the airfield and keeps the birds away.

Due to the special design, the weight of the device is very low (~ 40kg) and so it is ideally suited for mobile use. With the rotatably mounted blast tube, it is possible to cover 360 ° around the device. The rotatable structure is pushed back by the triple-shot / bang and put into a rotary motion, whereby each of the three shots will be in a different direction. The propane gas cylinder, which is necessary for use, is secured in the case of the Purivox CA-RC system (use / installation of the propane gas bottles in Purivox Airport bird control devices).

The Purivox CA-RC system consists of a stainless steel housing which is completely weatherproof and therefore suitable for use throughout the year. The blast tube is available in two material variants, powder coated steel blast tube or stainless steel blast tube. The radio remote control makes it possible to operate the Purivox CA-RC system at almost every point on the airfield. This is done using the Purivox TX-H3 radio transmitter. The range here is up to 8 kilometers (depending on the country and the local landscapre / infrastructure)

Technical information of the Purivox CA-RC system

In the case of visual confirmation of birds which pose a threat to the departuting and arriving airplanes, the gas cannon will be triggered after a visual inspection of the area around the Purivox CA-RC system. For this purpose, the two-digit device number is entered via the Purivox TX-H3 remote control transmitter and confirmed. Immediately after triggering the Purivox CA-RC system will fires the shots. This is a 3-shot procedure which is preset by various settings (settings and modifications of the Purivox Aiport Bird Control Devices).

A radio-controlled Purivox airport aviation gas cannon / gas gun will provide you with a functional and highly successful tool for daily bird control and bird strike prevention at your airport (Benefits of Purivox Airport airport bird control gas cannons)