Test results of the Purivox TA-RC System at Ostend-Bruges Airport

Customer review of the Purivox TA-RC System


Location: Airport Ostend-Bruges
Purpose: Bird Control
Species which are causing damage: All kind of birds
Protection Area Airport

The airport Ostend-Bruges did a long-term test with the Purivoc TA-RC System in 2012. The entire test lasted six weeks and the results were very good. Due to the good results, the airport now uses five Purivox TA-RC system devices which have made the bird strike prevention much easier and faster.

Below you can find the test results.

New BCU techniques TA-RC gas cannon:
Results after 6 weeks of testing:

  • No system malfunctions recorded
  • significant reduction of "bird pressure" in touchdown zone RWY 26
  • Uniform conclusion of all BCU staff members
  • this technique has definitely high value!

BCU comments:

  • no effect (or almost none) on: buzzard, kite, kestrel (predators)
  • "active surface" sensitive to wind


  • highly effective on all other birds at EBOS
  • BCU can work on another spot at the same time
  • Ideal in hard to reach locations
  • No habituation (no timer involved)
  • 5km reach!
  • economical

TA-RC gas cannon at the airport Ostend-Bruges:

  • Remote controlled (up to 80 units)
  • RC range: 5km
  • battery + solar powered
  • 3 explosions standard
  • 20.000 explosions per gas bottle
  • budget price (RC included) around 3.500€
  • 6weeks test